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Why I Ditched Custom Code For Elementor In Web Development

Why I ditched custom code for Elementor

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There are multiple ways to build a website in today’s booming technology world, but at AJ Web Design, we have found an efficient way to build fast and mobile friendly websites.

When I first started developing websites I always built them with custom code as I thought that was the best way at the time. It was fun to code and you could make some pretty cool, custom websites that were lightning fast. The downside was it took forever! It was expensive for my clients, smaller changes would take a lot longer than it should, and it left me pretty burnt out after the 10-12 hour days I was putting in. It was not sustainable.

After about 1 year of custom coding websites, I realized that a lot of people were using WordPress because they wanted to make edits to their website by themselves. After some research, I quickly realized that WordPress is one of the top CMS’ for having a blog on your website, so I decided to invest all my time into WordPress and learn how to create custom themes and templates.

After spending time with custom themes, I realized I was heading down the road of custom coding again and it was quite challenging figuring out what the issues were. One of the challenges I came across were bugs from client websites where they had other developers create custom themes and plugins for them. All it takes is one bad line of code in your theme to throw off your website. This posed too many security risks, so I started to do more research again and chatted with other WordPress developers to see what they do.

It turns out a lot of them were using page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor, and then pairing it with a lightweight child theme and Advanced Custom Fields. I played around with both and I liked the UI of Elementor better, so I decided to purchase a license and build some websites with it.

Elementor had only been around for 1-2 years at the time, but it was working great despite being so new. I cut down my development time in half and I was able to produce high quality and mobile friendly websites. I typically paired Elementor with the OceanWP child theme as they seemed to work really well together. OceanWP is very SEO friendly compared to a lot of themes out there.

It is super easy to use and has a nice drag and drop editor that lets you customize how the website looks on various screen sizes such as mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and ultra wide monitor. You can add your own custom CSS and Javascript to any page which is exactly what you want and need. You can even develop your own custom widget or download third party plugins for this. The opportunities are endless!

I highly recommend Elementor for anyone who wants a website that is easy to make edits on by yourself. Hire a web developer to setup the theme and page templates for you and then you can start building your own landing pages!

Elementor’s development team is constantly making updates and improvements to the page builder which is extremely important as it prevents bugs on your website. Their new lightweight Hello Elementor theme and Cloud Hosting pairs well with the builder so that you can have a fast and smooth running website. If you are not sold on it yet, see some of the amazing websites we have built with Elementor here.

If you are interested in purchasing an Elementor license you can do so here. If you are looking to get a beautiful Elementor website created, contact us today!